The transformation we are experiencing puts companies, whatever their size or sector, in the need to constantly improve. Improving oneself does not necessarily mean reviewing its range of products or services, changing the corporate image, training and retraining its employees, but rather imagining interventions that combine all these aspects and more.
Orchestrate changes, know how to judge them with a critical spirit, evaluate their effectiveness and always plan the next steps. Business management software solutions, better defined today as business solutions, must simplify all this, avoiding to focus on IT problems and at the same time allowing the company to use technology to reduce costs and fuel growth. 

For HUDI an innovative technological platform must be able to grow hand in hand with the needs of the business. In the cloud or on local servers, the choice varies depending on the specific needs of the different companies. On desktop PCs as on mobile devices, in the office as at home, connecting people, processes and systems with easy-to-use tools that are increasingly agile, reliable and achievable quickly. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers all this, allowing you to immediately improve operations, optimizing business processes and reinventing productivity.

Our Technologies

Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement provides sales, support and marketing capabilities. Customer Engagement shares many common features with the Common Data Service platform and PowerApps.

The following services are related:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Dynamics 365 AI Customer Insight

Customer experience is at the very core of every organization’s digital transformation ambitions. To compete in today’s market, organizations need to build meaningful relationships with their customers on a personal level. The ability to effectively personalize at scale requires a complete, unified view of customers.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, build a deep understanding of customers by connecting customer data from various transactional, behavioral, and observational sources to create a 360-degree customer view.

Dynamics 365 Power Platform

Power Virtual Agents empowers teams to easily create powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface without the need for data scientists or developers. And, it minimizes the IT effort required to deploy and maintain a custom conversational solution.

Using Power Virtual Agents, you can:

  • Empower your teams intermediaries, or coding or AI expertise.
  • Reduce costs by easily automating common inquiries
  • Improve customer satisfaction using rich personalized bot conversations

Dynamics 365 ERP

Dynamics 365 Business Central simplifies processes, allows you to make more informed decisions and accelerate growth, it is a complete business management solution designed for small and medium businesses.

The capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Increase financial visibility
  • Optimizes the supply chain
  • Increases sales and improves services
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget

Dynamics 365 AI Sales Insight

The features in the Dynamics 365 Sales Insights application are specifically designed to help sales managers and vendors intelligently manage teams and respond quickly to key business questions.

Sales Insights offers the following features:

  • Report analysis
  • Predictive lead score
  • Predictive Opportunity Score
  • Analysis of notes
  • Information on sales and sellers
  • Team reports

Dynamics 365 AI Virtual Assistant

Dynamics 365 Visrtual Assistant provide exceptional customer service with intelligent, adaptable virtual agents. Empower your customer support specialists to easily create and update your bots with AI-driven insights.

Moreover monitor how your bots are performing by using conversational metrics and dashboards, and get in-depth, AI-driven insights to improve their performance.

Case History – Hibourama

Le borse seguono i trend dell’alta moda, sono iconiche e riconoscibili, si prestano a essere usate nella quotidianità; sono totalmente hand made, in pelle, con ricami e borchie preziose, completamente Made in Italy. Questo è il mondo del marchio del lusso Hibourama. 

Con ampie e veloci prospettive di crescita, il sito di e-commerce di Hibourama non rispecchiava le esigenze del brand, votato a costruire una migliore relazione con la clientela finale, a ottimizzare il servizio pre e post-vendita e a offrire maggiori informazioni ai clienti sulla filiera produttiva e sull’origine dei propri prodotti Made-in-Italy.

Per rispondere alle diverse esigenze dell’azienda, Hibourama ha scelto di affidarsi completamente alle soluzioni Cloud di Microsoft – dalla suite per la produttività Office 365 alla piattaforma business Dynamics 365, dal Cloud Azure alle tecnologie Blockchain – sfruttando i vantaggi di una piattaforma unificata, interconnessa e intuitiva per gli utenti. Strategico, in tutte le fasi del progetto, il ruolo del partner HUDi, capace di interpretare – con soluzioni professionali di altissimo livello, scalabili, replicabili, intelligenti e innovative – le esigenze e le istanze di un management giovane, con idee e richieste a volte anche “fuori dagli schemi”.

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